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The Classification of Night Vision Equipments
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In this world, which is well-known that the night vision technology is divided into two categories:

First, Infrared Thermal Imaging technology, with good night vision effect, high cost (higher than $1000), and mainly used for particular purposes, which the imaging is not true (no precise appearance), and could not through the ordinary glasses, water, and etc.

Second, Low Light Level Image Intensifier technology, using the image intensifier, with the lowest cost, poor night vision effect, low resolution, limited effective visual distance, and easily to burned the light tube when encounter strong light, and the fourth generation has been developed.

However, we have adopted the technology in between, night vision effect is lower than the first categories of the technology, far better than the second kinds of the technology,  and cost a little more than the second categories, imaging is real, also it can through the ordinary glass, water, and etc. and with high resolution, what’s more, it has the characteristics of not easy to burn the sensor when encounter the strong light, which can be large-scale applied in civilian market.